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Worst LJ Ever!

Let me wallow in my own crapulence

16 May
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Fear me, for I am...

Buddy Pwiggily®!

With the ability to tell you off before you know what to do with yourself, Buddy Pwiggily® is the perfect companion for any poor sucker who needs mindless entertainment. She comes with 20 adorable phrases, including "Shut your man-pleaser!", "Eat me, you ass!" and the ever popular, "You make me feel all stabby inside." And she can be YOURS for just 3 easy installments of $99.95! Get your Buddy Pwiggily® while supplies last!

Buddy Pwiggily® cannot be held responsible for swift kicks to the groin and/or pencils jammed in eye sockets. Offer not good in Canada since Buddy Pwiggily® refuses to freeze her ass off while people insist on ending all sentences with "eh?"

80's music, adult swim, all-you-can-eat snowcrab, all-you-can-eat sushi, animation, anime, aqua teen hunger force, bah, beagles, being stabby, blarg, bloomers, cartoons, chessmasters, chobits, conan o'brien, cookies, cowboy bebop, crepes, dancing, ddr, death note, dirty girl scouts, dogs, eating, engrish, extreme elimination challenge, family guy, finding weird stuff online, food, funny t-shirts, fushigi yuugi, futurama, gah, getting stabby, group x, happy bunny, happy tree friends, harvey birdman, hayao miyazaki, hoight, homestar runner, invader zim, japan, joaquin phoenix, johnny depp, justice league, kalbi, katamari damacy, kill bill, lateral thinking puzzles, law & order, lovepuff, magic shell chocolate syrup, mahjong, making fun of people, making icons, matt groening, meh, mel brooks, memes, miami, mindfucking people, minds in the gutter, monkeys, movies, mst3k, neon genesis evangelion, new car smell, newgrounds, nip/tuck, nodame cantabile, orgasmo, pai mei, peasant dancing, peasant's quest, perfect blue, photoshop, powerpuff girls, providing sound effects, puzzle inlay, quentin tarantino, quills, quizilla, quiznos, quizzes, random questions, ranting, renaissance, samurai jack, sarcasm, satoshi kon, scrapped princess, sealab 2021, shakespeare stroll, shooting ranges, snoods, south park, staves, strong bad, surveys, sushi, taisho, talking smack, teen girl squad, television, the birdcage, the brak show, the legend of zelda, the mooninites, the princess bride, the producers, the quizno's spongemonkey song, the simpsons, theatre, theme parks, tivo, tokyo godfathers, trivia, video games, w00t, witty banter, writing, zuma